Prince Levon, The Heroic And Toros II Who Succeeded Him
Levon, the brother of Toros has succeeded him, because his son Constantine, was poisoned when he was alive. Levon was a brave man, but an imprudent prince. He left the mountains and appropriated the cilician campaign, and Msis, Adana and Darson were in his proper hand, and so reaching the sea-coast he put his skill towards commercial affairs. However, Levon was defeated by the sultan of Sebastia, with heavy conditions.
Raymond, the prince of Antioch, was hostile to Levon, and sent an expedition to Cilicie. Levon, with the alliance of Sultan of Halab, defeated him and killed him. The widow woman of Bemunt having married the French prince Raymond, claimed the possession of Antioch. Levon was to yield Sarvantikar stronghold. Raymond not having enough arms to resist against Levon, so invited him illusively for a dinner and granted him his son. But the abusiveness begin onto both sides. Levon, angered by this ingeniousity, armed his men and entered the lands of Raymond. However, all the approaching princes and friends intervened and reconciliated them, because the Emperor of the Byzance had threatened them
Cilicie Defeated, Levon Captive
The emperor Jean Conmenos, considering the Cilicie and Antioch as his crown patrimony, during the summer of 1137 with a huge army entered into Cilicie, occupied Darson, and Adana. His soldiers surrounded also Anarzapa. The Armenians affronted the soldiers of the emperor, but the penury of provisions obliged them to surrender.
The emperor was astonished for the heroic Armenian protectors, and he continued to conquer the Wahga stronghold. Levon leaving the support of the Wahga stronghold to his cousin Constantine, reached the inaccessible mountains with his family. The Wahga keeped his soldiers out of every pugnacity with corps piled under the walls of the stronghold. But the emperor with the stubborn behavior occupied the Wahga dispite the starving men.
But the soldiers prosecuted Levon and his family amids the inaccessible woods, and forced him and his family to Byzance, Ruben, Toros, Stepané were with him. Meanwhile his brother Mleh was in Edessia, near his aunt, and was freed from being a prisoner.
Levon and his sons were in the prison of Byzance. The malevolent people ignobly degrading Ruben, the emperor ordered to blind his eyes and then killed him. Ruben was handsome and a strong young men, and he was very valiant against every one.
Levon was affected when his son Ruben was murdered, and later died in prison, 1138 A.D.
Toros 11 (1144-1168)
Toros II was independent, but was watched under severe vigilance. He married a rich woman who was died soon after and inherited her wealth. Toros remained seven years in Byzance with his brother Stepané they changed their identity as merchants. They left with an Italian ship to Cyprus, and then they sailed to Antioch were many Armenians meet them and presented 'Ibros to an Armenian clergymen.
Toros was cheered in Antioch for his freedom and his reputation was great. Because the Antiochians also hated the soldiers of Byzance. The patriarch and the prince yielded that Toros be transferred to Cilicie. He reached Cilicie incognito till Wahga stronghold, and the priests, princes and militia men passed under his banner.
The Confiscation of Stronghold
Being among his men, all the princes and the patriarch, some enthusiast sensation constituted all the spirit of them. Valorous combatants formed his army and 10,000 soldiers encircled him. Then his brother reached from Edessia and the comunity was eager to fight every enemy.
Toros, like an eagle came from the mountains and Wahga, Til Hamdoun, Eagle-Stronghold, Adana, Daron, and the all soldiers were wiped out and victory was proclaimed over Cilicie and Toros was the second founder of Rubinian dynasty.
War Against Byzance
The escape and the victories of Cilicie have been a great astonishment. The emperor Geer-Manuel (1143-1180 A.D.) granted 12,000 soldiers to his cousin Andronikos, to strangle in blood the State of Cilicie, and send Toros to Constantinople again. Some Armenian people were plotting amongst the soldiers, as Oshin of Lampron Castle and his brother of Babironi prince, and other.
In 1151 A.D. Andronikos was at Mses. Toros sent the message of reconciliate with him and pay his taxes, because he has no provisions to fight him furthermore.
Andronikos responded: - It is the ordinance of the emperor to chain you as we have your father, and send you to Byzance.
Then Toros came from the walls in the night and slaughtered many soldiers. Andronikos hardly escape the death. Toros held many princes as slaves, and the emperor has sent many ministers to save them; among the prisoners there was also the prince Oshin of Lambron.
- What is the price you wish to liberate the princes, they asked Toros.
- It does not mean what he pays for them. Please give me what he wants and take them. The ministers paid too much to take them away. All the money was distributed to his soldiers. The ministers were astonished with such generous treatment, and Toros said to them. - This is my way, and this is also if they can to catch more Princes.
Oshin was priced 40.000 drachma. He paid the half price to liberate him, but Toros took Oshin's son as a hostage. He gave his daughter as a wife to him so he was in-law of the Lampron Dynasty.
The Incursion Over Cyprus
The hate of Toros towards the people was deeply similar as death. He wished to kill every soldier, or destroy or spoil their wealth.
Toros convinced Prince Renald of Antioch to attack Cyprus. They prepared an immense fleet and they unexpectedly took the shore of the island. The Cypriots were not ready to resist, and Toros set fire on cities and villages everywhere. Numerous opulents had their elbow cut, and others with same atrocities. This was the revenge - for him in order to vindicate his father's inhuman death in the byzantine prison, with mother and sisters going to be jailed, and the assassination of Ruben, in barbarous way.
He remembered all misfortune that Armenians suffered from Byzance, murdering the Princes, and destroying the Pakradouni Dynasty. His hatered was immeasurable for the death of Gagik II, when the Mandalian brothers have hung the Armenian king at the Gyzistra walls.
After some years later (1159 A.D.) Geer Manuel entered the Cilicie and wintered in Msis. Then gathered there the king of Jerusalem, Antioch Prince Renald and many Princes of Europe. For Renald, Toros was responsible. Toros was a refugee in the mountains of Taurus. The emperor and Toros, with the intervention of the Christian princes, were conciliated and the emperor of Byzance were also saying 'who is this man that I am so admiring'.
He forgot his indignation and wished to recognize this man who by miracle has dominated over Cilicie. He conferred him the sign of Pansepastose (the commander in general of Cilicie).
The strange governor of Darson, Ansronikos, who was jealous of the brother of Toros, Stepané, one day invited him to a dinner and murdered him in boiling water.
Toros listening meanwhile the massacre of his brother, many people were sequestered and many lost their life. Toros after this misfortune, died, leaving an immense and free patrimony for Armenians. He was the most valorous, wise and audacious general. With a sensitive grief, he was buried in the monastery of Irazarg.

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