By Aram Orchanian
Armenian Language and Armenology Graduate
St. Lazarus, Venice(Italy)
Published by: Bernard Berberian

 The Birth of The Armenian Nation. Brief Survey and Chronological Information

 The Birth of The Armenian Nation (Part 2). Armenian Unity Under Artashesian Kingdom

 Armenian History. End of Arshagouni Dynasty. A Synopsis of The Principal Events After The death of King Drtad III (331-428 A.D.)

 Armenian History. Vartan Mamigonian. The most popular Armenian Hero and His was for religion

 Vahan Mamigonian. The Unknown Armenian Hero or Vahan "The Wolf"

 The Third Rebellion of Armenians Against Persia (571 A.D.). Vartan II Mamigonian

 Three Prominent Leaders. Mooshegh Mamigonian, Sempad the Multi-Victorious & Kayl Vahan (Vahan the Wolf)

 The Arabs in Armenia: WHO ARE THEY?. An Abridged Chronology of Their Origin and Their Arrival In The Araratian Land (642 A.D.)

 The Period of Transition Until Pakradounis' Kingdom Event (690-855 A.D.)

 The Period of Transition Until Pakradounis' Kingdom Event (690-855 A.D.)

 Armenia After The Death of Ashod I, Founder of The Pakradounis' Dynasty

 Ashod Yergat (Ashod the Iron), The Pakradouni King: The Valiant Successor On The Throne of His Father (A.D. 915-930)

 Two Valorous Kings of Pakradouni's Dynasty: Abbas Defeating King Ber of Northern Region, (930-952 A.D.) and Ashod Voghormadz, the Good-hearted Sovereign of Armenians, (952-977 A.D.)

 Sempad II, The Conqueror, (Diezeragal), (977-990 A.D.). His Meritorious and Glorious Enterprise: The Construction of Ani-City

 Gagik I, Brother of Sempad II The Conqueror, on the Throne of Pakradounis. He was The Right Man Who Reigned For Thirty Years (A.D. 990-1020)

 Hovanness - Sempad and Ashod: The Rival Sons of Gagik I, and The Invasion of Seljukids (A.D. 1020)

 Bedros Kedatarz Catholicos And "Vesd" Sarkis Donate The City Of Ani To Emperor Constantin Monomakhos (A.D. 1046)

 Gloomy Situation After The Sale Of Ani City, And The Troubles Of Gagik Ii

 The First Seljoukid Invasion In Armenia, The Region Of Vasbouragan: Near Van Lake (1047 A.D.)

 After The Sale Of The City Of Ani, Armenians Converge Southward Onto A New Region, Called Unspecifically Cilicia

 Constantine I - Toros I The Princes. The Mandalian Brothers

 Prince Levon, The Heroic And Toros II Who Succeeded Him


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