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Academy-Difficulty with children
Acting strange-Restoration of injustice
Aged/Aging-Your friends will free you from danger, yet you'll not be appreciative
Airplane-Long awaited tasks will end successfully
Alcohol-Beware of an immoral person
Almond-Hosting enjoyable guests
Altar-Spiritual transport
Ambassador-Presence of a deceitful person in your business
Angel-You will be the first to make new discovery
Animal-Earning & happiness
Apple-Honored by jealous women
Appointment-Negligence at work will harm you
Apricot-A moment of pleasure
Archangel-Long, comfortable & successful life
Armchair-Joyful retirement
Armenia (land)-Homesick for motherland
Arrest-Successful venture
Arrow-Betrayal by relatives
Ash-Bad news
Ass-Patience, bravery & wisdom
Axe-You are seriously threatened

B.B.Q.-Undertaking a task beyond your abilities
Bachelor-If married-Loss of spouse; If single-Marriage
Ball-Opportunity will knock you
Bankruptcy-A business success
Banquet-Sign of marriage
Basil-You will enjoy being with your sweatheart
Basket-Temporary state of worry
Bat-Suffering a night attack, grief & sorrow
Bath-Mild illness
Beadle-Death of a connoisseur/friend
Beads-Sign of giving birth
Beard-Power, strength & greatness
Beaten-Finding help & comfort
Beating someone-Extending a hand to that person
Bedrooms-Laziness, sickness & unfortunate ending
Being defamed-You will be declared innocent
Belt-In need of help & power
Berries-Abundance & fertility
Bible-Self deceiving
Bird-Change in character & receiving news
Biting Someone-It's comforting that person
Blaze-Unexpected failure
Blind-Don't be so naive & gullible
Blood-Witnessing mishaps of relatives
Boat-A distant relative or friend who is sick
Boat Helm-Hope & happiness
Bonds-Sign of good news
Bountiful-Surrounded by enemies
Box-The task you are expecting to perform will be successful, providing you keep quiet about it
Boy-Success & piousness
Bracelet-Honor & promotion
Bread-Luck & success
Breast-Good will & happiness
Bride-Happiness & good will
Bridge-Saved from trouble
Broken cup-Relative endangered
Building-Inheritance & happiness
Building something-Generally good, occasionally bad
Bullet-Sign of victory
Burning an object-Threat of sickness & death to the wife
Butter-Facilities at work
Butterfly-Harmful romantic desires will lead you into temptation

Cabbage-Undiscovered illness
Cabin-Sign of humble life
Cafeteria-Sign of happiness
Cake-Luck, success & gratitude
Calling out someone-That person will keep a distance from you
Candles-Harmonious family life
Cane-Overcoming an difficulty
Canyon-Prosperous meeting
Car/Coach-A sudden change of status
Caravan (of camels)-Transitory wealth
Cask or small barrel-Abundance & happiness
Cat-You will become an adulator & sensual
Celibate Priest-After certain pleasure you will be in sorrow
Chair-Distant honor you've been waiting for
Chatting-A sign of impatience
Cheese-Asking too much will earn you too little
Chicken-A talkative & useless/unhelpful friend
Child birth-Enjoying new company
Child/son-Sign of patriotism & happiness
Church-Peace of mind
Clear water-Always good
Clear sky-Happiness
Clothes-Passion & bad intentions
Cloud-Chaos & hopelessness
Clumsy-Unexpected luck
Coffin-Marriage or happiness
Cold-Overcoming enemies
Committing a fraud-Frankness
Corpse-Sign of very bad news
Court-Loss of a beloved friend
Cradle holding a baby-Sign of fertility
Crazy-All your dreams will come true
Crippled-Interruption of trading
Cross-Troubles ahead
Crow-You are surrounded by enemies
Crown-Imagining nonsense
Cruise ship-Freedom & perseverance
Cry-Power & happiness
Crying woman-Dangerous enemy, portrayed as a friend, will hurt you
Cucumber-Sadness & problems at work
Cursing-Sadness, difficulty & anxiety
Cutting hair-Separation from the beloved ones

Dancing-Your words are strong, but your actions are weak
Darkness-An ill-willing person is involved in your household business
Death-Disappointment or long life
Deer-Beware of beautiful but dangerous woman
Designing-Joy & feast
Devil-Mitigation of your moral despair
Diamond-You have great expectation & tend to overwork yourself, the end-results are frightening
Dictionary-Honor & prosperity
Director-Ignorant & arrogant person
Distributing pension-Poverty, misery
Dog-Finding hope, power & help
Doll-Fleeting joy
Dough-Reaching a status through hard work
Dove-Love & happiness-Dreaming of a dreaming-Suffering of anxiety
Drink-Weakness of character & immorality
Drinking a cup of water-Moderation
Drum-Torturing yourself with senseless terror
Duck-Is a "big shot", arrogant & good for nothing

Eagle-Threatened by an enemy
Earring-Love affair
Earth-Increase in earnings will ease your troubles
Earthquake-Disputing with a female
Eating pastry-Pain & ill-health
Eating yogurt-Inevitable pain
Eating-Soon you will be the casualty of a deceit
Egg-A bright future & work, proceed
Elephant-You will be introduced to a charming man or woman
Empty purse/wallet-You will see hard times
Engagement-Getting married
Engine-Financial Loss
Escape-A sign of threatening danger
Executioner-A crime will be committed around you
Exhume corpse-Longing to see relatives
Eye lashes, short-Bankruptcy; Long eye lashes-Inheritance

Falling-Confusion & misfortune
Family-Sign of unhappy marriage
Fang/Tusks-Your enemy will hurt you more than anticipated
Fear-Sign of strong faith & hope
Feast-Completing a task
Feeling cold-Free of depressing problems
Female animal-Abundance & welfare
Field-Ineffective event
Fig-The love & the trap of a notorious woman
Fig tree-Facing Trouble
Filled cup-Help, gains or having a child
Finding wickedness-Finding goodness
Fingernail-Harming a part of your body
Fire-Fading status
Firearm-Receipt of good news
Fish-You will meet a swindler
Fisherman-Remorse for meddling in someone's work
Flag-Extreme desire resulting in loss
Flat cap-Family disloyalty
Flame-Always positive signal
Flower-It's good news or having a daughter
Fly-It's essential to pay attention to work
Fog-Downturn in business
Folding something-Your secret will be revealed
Foot-Ill intentionsleading you to think bad
Forest-Being noticed by opposite sex
Fortune-Argument, sorrow & loss
Fountain-Good deed will come from your neighbors
Fox-Easily deceived due to naivety
Friend-Heading for pilgrimage
Frog-To deal with talkative, ignorant & hypocritical people
Froth-A good mind but not applied will not be successful
Fruit-Senseless thoughts
Full watering can-Satisfaction
Full dining table-Financial loss
Funeral-Success, fidelity & forgiveness
Funeral procession-Joy & pleasure

Gabriel-Long, comfortable & successful life
Game-Vanishing of a woman or friends
Garbage-Abundance & heritage
Garden-Some good will come your way by means of a woman
Gata (Armenian trad'l pastry)-Job opportunity
Gem-Fulfillment of wishes
Getting married-Lucky situation & progress
Ghost-Fond of weapons & fight, sign of loss of loved one
Gift-Happy occurrence
Gift receiving-Being burdened
Giraffe-Fear not thy enemy, for he/she can not subdue you 
Girls-Sign of joy & well being
Goat-Blessing, earnings & sweet life
God-Luck, health & happiness
Gold-Profit, love & joy
Grape-Increase in earnings & happiness
Greenness-There is a need for change of air
Grenade-Beware, there is danger in your path
Grief/affliction-To succeed over adversaries
Guiltiness-Susceptible to harm
Guitar-Poor entertainment

Hail-Receiving an unexpected earning
Hammer-Sign of obstacle, hindrance & impropriety
Handkerchief-You will enjoy the presence of a good friend
Harbor-Fulfillment of expectations & good news
Hat-Remaining under the influence of others
Having a big nose-Sign of wealth & strength
Hawk-To be cheated of 
Hearing Blaspheme-Sign of being honored & loved
Hedge hog-Enjoyment by helping orphans
Helping someone-Obstruct another's work
Holy mass-Disagreement, dispute & disorder
Holy Spirit-Hope
Homicide-To do a good deed for another
Honey-Argument & fight
Hunting-Perfect happiness
Husband-Good omen for bachelors & bad sign for married ones
Husband's mother-Theft within the family

Ice-A break up from your lover
Incense-Having authority over something 
Ink-Bad news
Infant child-Good natured light & earnings
Island-Neglected by friends

Jackrabbit-An infant or innocence
Jar-You can't hide your secrets any longer
Jesus-Happiness after hardship
Jewelry-Suffering from a desire

Key-Lost will not be found
King-Honor & success
Kissed on lips-Exchange of feelings
Kissing-Having a new partner at work
Kitchen-Losing the trust of others
Knife-Bad-mouthing & threats against you

Lady wearing a veil-Marriage
Lady wearing torn veil-A failed marriage
Lamb-Gain & happiness
Lantern-Sign of romantic feelings
Laughing-Pain & sorrow
Laundry-Luck, richness & good heartiness
Lawyer-You are surrounded by swindlers
Laying over-Sign of betrayal
Leader-Reaching your goal successfully
Leaving your husband-Happiness
Leg-Wealth & happiness
Lemon-Patient's recovery
Letter-Unexpected news
Light-Love, peace & honor
Lightning-You will be rebuked & hurt by your boss
Lion-Receiving help from a powerless friend
Listening to music-Harmony
Load-Harmful Curiosity
Load carrying vehicles-Unexpected wealth
Long Johns-Becoming object of mockery
Long hair-Momentary pleasure
Losing weight-Grief, sickness & financial loss
Loss of tooth-Loss of relative

Magician-Unexpected events
Making a profit-Guilty conscience
Male-Small but constant income & earnings
Married Priest or clergyman-Lack of tact & sign of ill-wishing people
Marsh-Hurt by public
Match-You will cause a fight
Measuring-Forecast of an important event
Meat-Bad luck for the household
Medicine-Sudden illness
Meeting-Threat & dispute on their way
Migrant-Marriage of a daughter
Military-Sign of love
Milk-It's profit, love & happiness
Mirror-Senseless thoughts
Miscarriage-Cheated by love, distress
Mocking-A sign of sadness
Monastery-Distress & financial stress
Money-Loss & decrease of earnings
Monkey-To be victimized by a lady
Moon-It's your wife's love for you: sign of getting money
Mother-in-law-Dispute, argument
Mourner-Sign of temporary failure
Mouse-Swindled by close ones
Mouth-Fruitful trade
Moving-Finding permanent location
Mud-You will be accused & harmed
Muddy water-Sign of grief & disappointment
Mulberry tree-The promised love is deceitful
Museum-Peace of mind
Music-Erotic happiness

Naked woman-Honor & happiness
Needle-To have a daughter
Newborn-Unexpected offer
Night-Darkness, sorrow & despair
Noise-Risky pleasure

Ocean-Hardship & Enemy
Ocean turbalance-Inheritance & peaceful life
Oil-Someone trying to deceive you will be hurt
Olive-You will be fooled by someone today
Olive Oil-Finding relief by paying your debts
Onion-Bad news of your enemies
Orange-Grief & pain
Ostrich-Your erratic behavior will bring contempt
Oven or bakery-Increased abilities & will do good deeds for others
Oven-Ineffective romantic wishes

Package-To meet an unexpected traveller
Painting something-Recovery of a loss
Palace-You are having meaningless day dreams
Parrot-Talkativeness will harm you
Pastry-Blessing & luck
Passage-Near death
Peacock-Unbecoming arrogance
Peak-You will suffer, then progress;"No pain no gain"
Pear-Joy & earning
Pearl-On the verge of marriage or expecting female child
Pencil-Professional accountant with integrity
Pepper-Sudden onset of pain
Photograph taking-Unprofitable work & abstraction
Physician-Investigation of judgement
Picture-Sign of joy
Pig-Guaranteed earning, also means being lazy & unemployed
Pillow-Happy ending
Pineapple-Sorrow & grief
Pitcher-Pregnancy for a woman, success & earning for a man
Planting-Sign of fertility & good future
Police station-Your safety is endangered
Policeman-Your adversary feared or weakened by you
Pomegranate-Change to the worse by big profits
Praying-Serving under authority
Pregnant woman-The news you are awaiting is expedited
Prey-Your doubts of betrayal are true
Prince-Being forced by creditors
Prison-Don't be frightened by a mental anguish
Pulley-You will receive astonishing news
Pumpkin-Having fruitful job

Rabbit-To meet a swindler
Rain-Successful event
Rainbow-To meet a loved one from afar
Raisins-You think highly of your work but you're misguided
Rat-Sign of having undercover enemies
Receiving Pension-Success
Recovery-You will marry & inherit
Rejoicing-Grief & sorrow
Reservoir-Sign of loss & accusation
Rice pilaf-Sign of successful enterprise
Ring-Honor & authority
River-Success Rock-Rejection of protection by a cruel person
Rooster-Good news
Rose-Sign of love & care
Running over water-Something good will come from a sea journey
Rust-You will commit a harmful deed

Sail boat-Patience, slowness & lack of feelings
Saint-You will meet a confidence tricker
Salt-Relatives will grudge your success
Satan-You will make a good profit
School-Get ready to become godfather
Scissors-Constructive criticism & misunderstanding between couples
Sea shore-A change in love or work
Sea-Trouble & a sign of hostility
Seeing oneself as an elder person-Unexpected success
Selling something-It's always a sign of retrogression 
Sewing-Heading on a long journey
Sheep-Good fortune, causing envy in others 
Sheepfold-Empowerment & hope
Shiny object-A sign of shallow mind or limited thinking
Shirt-Difficulty at work & impatience
Shoe-Sign of grief
Shoeing a horse-Slow paced way of life
Shop-Hope & earning
Sick-Reduction of work & income
Signing a contract-A sign of placing your business on unstable ground
Silver-A loving relation turning sour; an impending dispute
Singing-Sadness & bad news
Singing hymns-Weakness & self deceit
Sinking in manure-Concerns & troubles
Skeleton-Sign of happiness
Slap-Decrease of power & hope
Slashing a vein-Signal of the death of the person slashing the vein
Smashing something-Confirmation of harmony & peace
Smiling face-Pain & grief
Smiting someone-Support for that person
Smoke-Lasting happiness
Smoking cigar-Financial loss
Snake-You will be deceived by a female
Snail-Sometimes you underestimate yourself, which undermines your progress
Snow-A threat or harm will befall you
Socks-Journey or birth of a daughter
Son-Finding joy & happiness
Song-Internal suffering
Sour Cherry-Extremely lustful
Sparrow-Successful in life
Spectacles-You will have a joyful retirement
Spider-Falling into a love trap
Spindle-Little earning
Star-Comfort & hope
Station-Financial difficulties
Stone-It's a bad sign, miserable & difficult task
Stork-Blessings & happiness; If married-A child
Storm-You will have an unexpected earning
Strawberry-Hosting a guest
Success in any career-Disloyalty in relationships
Suffering-Think wisely, not to suffer the outcome of your acts
Sugar-Useless encouragement by relatives
Suicide-Help in reach
Swan-Sign of greatness & justice
Swelling-Keep moderation of your growing desires

Table-You will be in need of others
Tea-Financial difficulty
Teacher-The necessity of learning & nurturing the mind
Tearing anything-A future task will be successful
Teething-Family growth
Telegram or telephone-You will receive news
Temple-Time to reevaluate spiritual values
Terminally ill-Revival of hope
Theater-Curiosity about others
Thirsty-Successful completion of a task
Throne-Suffering due to dead hopes
Tiger-Powerful & helpful friend
Time Checking-Fortunate
Tombstone-Boastful & ostentatious
Tongue-Tenderness & deceit
Torch-Expansion of family members
Toy-All you are worried about is your earnings, think about your home as well
Trade-Targeted by gossip
Trap-Waiting to learn about someone else's secret
Traveling-Receiving news from an acquaintance
Tree-Happy family life
Trumpet-Receiving good news from your lover
Tub-Inheritance from your parents
Turk-Being brave & firm during trouble

Underground tunnel-An easy to perform task
Undressing oneself-Public humiliation
Undressing someone-It's a sign of confinement
Unemployment-Sign of sad secrets
Uniform-Hearing about a mishap

Vegetable-Sign of Eternity
Vendetta-Sign of reconciliation
Violin-A family or friend reunion
Vodka-You are in a dangerous situation

War-Your lover or sweetheart has found another...
Warmth-Happiness, comfort & enthusiasm
Water - (clean) Good life in every form,
               (hot) Dangerous sickness,
               (dirty) Persecuted, trouble,
Water melon-Good news
Weapon-Deceived by a liar
Wearing high heels-You are hiding a ridiculous secret
Wedding Party-Sadness & pain
Weighing something-A not guilty verdict
Wheat-Goodness, joy & profit
White feather-Fame & earning
Window-You will be learning a secret from your neighbor
Wine-Oppositional & futuristic mishap
Wine yard-Happiness in the household
Wolf-Others taking revenge from you
Woman-It's a good sign
Wonder-Sign of fraud
Wool-Discomfort & poverty
Wreath of flowers-Sign of vanity with negative connotation

Yelling or screaming-Good news & happiness
Yogurt-Your passion will cause you pain
Young animal-A good time


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